~ Julep Maven Box: August Preview ~

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Julep has introduced it’s August colors – The Wanderlust Collection.  Bright, highly pigmented glitter and shimmer polishes!  I’m anxious to see them in person!  Take a look below to see the new colors and which Maven boxes they each come in!  It is also Julep’s 3rd Birthday, so there are 2 additional boxes, along with a special polish color – Queen Anne!

The new beauty product is the Gel Eye Gliders – They glide on smoothly and set within 30 seconds.  They are also waterproof, last 10+ hours and come in four shades!  They are part of Boho Glam, Bombshell, Classic With A Twist and Modern Beauty boxes.  I also like that they allow you to choose what color liner you want in the boxes.  They retail for $16 each. 

Gel Eye Gliders


Let’s start with the signature Julep Style Profiles:

BohoGlamBoxGel Eye Glider
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~ Currently Craving: Pretty Packaging ~

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Currently Craving

I know it’s what’s inside that counts, but something about pretty packaging makes me happy!  Especially in cosmetics!  And especially when it comes to lips!  I’m really drawn to anything in a pretty gold container…or a shiny silver one!  When digging through my cosmetic case it makes it easier to spot the lipstick I’m looking for.  And when I do put it on – the pretty case makes me feel glamorous!

It’s the little things in life – and they can add unexpected joy to your day!  See below for some of my favorite pretty packaging for lips!  And if you have any favorites – share in the comments!

xoxo – T

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~ Makeup Monday: Full Exposure ~

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Makeup Monday Logo

My obsession with neutral eye shadow palettes is only rivaled by my obsession with pink nail polish.  Since I can pick nail polishes up for a few dollars at the drug store, I feel a bit better about that.  However eye shadow palettes can get pricey.  And since I currently have Urban Decay Naked and Naked 3, Too Faced Natural Eyes Collection and Stila In the Light Palette, along with NYX Natural Palette, Sonia Kashuk Palettes in Sweet Nothings and Perfectly Natural, I really don’t need anymore…

But then I saw Smashbox’s Full Exposure Palette…and I want it.  Bad.  


It was released last year, but I was in a Naked frenzy and didn’t even look at it.  14 shadows (7 shimmers and 7 mattes) along with a dual ended brush and sample of Full Exposure Mascara.  $49 at Sephora, UltaNordst...

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~ Currently Craving: Cosmetic Bags ~

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Currently Craving

I love cosmetic bags!  I find myself always checking them out at Target, Sephora and Ulta.  As well as department stores and specialty boutiques.  They are a lifesaver when it comes to keeping my purse organized, as well as protecting my toiletries when I’m traveling.

I’ve been rocking my calf hair leopard print one from J Crew since Christmas – so I think this is the perfect time to update for summer!  

See below for some that I’m currently craving…


Do you have a favorite?

xoxo – T

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~ Wrinkle Erasers ~

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Medical Aesthetics

As a woman in my late 30s (officially after my last birthday) – wrinkles are a definite issue.  I will admit that I am willing to try anything to look a bit younger!  Laser Peels, Microneedling, Serums, Creams and yes – Injections!

Most of the wrinkles that we see are the result of making the same facial expressions and contracting the muscles over and over.  Years of smiling, frowning and squinting create creases (wrinkles) in the skin over the facial muscles being used.  

There are three main areas that see the most use:

  • Crow’s Feet – Outer edges of the eyes
  • The Eleven’s – Vertical frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Forehead – Horizontal lines across 


Neurotoxins are the go to for eliminating these lines – and it’s as easy as a 30 minute appointment!  By injecting the product int...

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~ Makeup Monday: Surf & Sand ~

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Makeup Monday Logo

This Makeup Monday is a total wish list for me.  Bobbi Brown’s summer collection Surf & Sand!  The main focus is the 2 eye shadow palettes, 2 blushes and 4 new lip colors that just make me feel like frolicking on the beach!  However, at $65/palette – they are completely out of my price range – but I find them so beautiful I just had to share!  Plus Kate Upton looks amazing in the ads! 

Let’s start with the eye colors first and the Surf Palette.  This collection of 8 neutral and pastel shadows is a bit out of my comfort zone, but there’s something about the playful wash of color I’m digging for summer!  


And then my favorite – The Sand Palette.  8 neutral shadows designed to mimic the shimmering texture of sandy beaches...

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~ Your age is in your hands ~

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Medical Aesthetics

In all the years I’ve worked in med spas – I’ve never had a Photofacial on my hands!  Hands are one of the first places that you see signs of aging – and unfortunately one most of us neglect!  I’m guilty of this!  Even though I have a whole skincare regimen for my face each morning and night – I completely forget about my hands!

The skin on our hands is more delicate than the rest of our body.  And one of the reasons that they show our age sooner is because of how frequently they are exposed to ultraviolet light without protection.  Think about it -most of us drive daily and our hands are exposed to the sun through the windshield.  I know I’m guilty of not putting on sunscreen!  Yet I wouldn’t think of leaving the house without it on my face!  

Forgetting (or just not wearing) suns...

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~ REVIEW: July Maven Box ~

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Nails and Skin

It’s time again for the monthly Maven Box review!  I went a bit crazy this month…picking up my Classic with a Twist box, along with 3 add-ons!  One of them being another box!  Whoops!  I’ve been (not so) patiently awaiting the arrival of my products (for some reason shipping was a bit slow this month).

But with this Poolside Collection, I couldn’t help myself.  These are the perfect colors and products to jump right in to summer!  So let’s get started!



Bare Body Milk 

Bare Body Milk is a new Julep product!  This lightweight lotion leaves your skin soft – but not heavy or greasy!  It also has the same scent as the Beach Tonic (my favorite dry body oil), so it is the perfect addition to my post shower routine!  I’ve actually been mixing the Beach Tonic with ...

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~ Essie Summer 2014 Collection ~

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I just can’t seem to help myself…if there’s nail polish I have to check it out!  Every time I’m at Ulta or Sephora…gotta look at the colors.  Target – I’m standing in front of the essie display for 10 minutes!  Do I need this one?  Is this pink different than the 15 other pinks I have at home?  So when I came across the Summer 2014 Collection – I had to share!

summer essie

Strong.  Intense.  Polished.  Inspired by women with instinctive style, these six irresistible shades amplify summer’s sultry mood with bright, sexy color.  Consolidate your power with gorgeous colors perfect for a cosmopolitan safari or a walk on the wild side.  This varied palette gives women a bevy of fashionable options that go perfectly with an unstoppable attitude.


city smart. wild at heart...

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~ Makeup Monday: The Cat Eye ~

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Makeup Monday Logo

I love the Cat Eye look.  It’s classic, yet fashionable.  Pretty much looks great on every eye shape.  Gives you glamour even when the rest of your makeup is understated.  Looks amazing with a bright red lip.  And it drives me crazy trying to do it!  Damn you Lauren Conrad and Adele – I can never look as perfect as you!  All I want is to be a Smitten Kitten and rock the cat eye…is that too much to ask?

cat lauren


So I’m happy to report that Too Faced has a new eye shadow palette – Cat Eyes!  A total of 9 eye shadows – matte, shimmer and glitter in warm and cool tones.  And 3 of these are wet/dry formulas so you can get the intense precision line and perfect wing tip!

Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes2

One thing I love about Too Faced, is that they include Glamour Guides – their signature “How-To”, which gives ...

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