~ Tuesdays With Tori ~

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  Life just really got away from me.  The holidays and all of the end of the year stuff made things a bit crazy!  At the end of November I started a new job (more on that later), and my lease was up on my apartment in December – so I needed to find a new place to live!

I definitely do not recommend trying to move around the holidays – it was so crazy!  Plus I was house sitting for a friend – so there was a week during all of that I couldn’t be at home packing my things!  Finally though, things have calmed down.  I’m settled in my new place, work has slowed down – and life is back to normal!

So the next step is getting Beauty Intern back to normal!  I’m slowly getting there…I don’t foresee a daily posting schedule anytime soon – but I promise 2 months will not go by again without something!

Thanks for all of your support – I really appreciate those of you who come to my little corner of the web.

xoxo – T

~ Gift Guides: Julep Holiday Sets ~

Last year Julep gave us the option to build our own nail polish holiday gift sets.  I ended up making a super cute one for my friend Erin consisting of many shades of green (her favorite color).  This year – in addition to the 3, 6 or 12 nail polish sets, you can also create ones with some of their makeup items!

Let’s take a look at what we have:

Julep’s Lip Crayons are the perfect way to get full coverage lip color and moisturized lips in one!  This unique lip crayon has a moisturizing core – and it smells delicious!  There are many colors to choose from – basic nudes to bright reds!  They normally retail for $20 each.  This gift set lets you choose 3 shades for $40!

It’s no secret that I love Julep’s Gel Eye Gliders.  So this set is a great way to stock up on your favorite shades!  For $50 you can choose 5 pencils!  This is one set that I will probably be keeping for myself!

If you’re more of a lip gloss girl – then this is the gift set for you!  Chose 4 shades of Julep’s best selling lip gloss!  Guaranteed shine  that’s not sticky – plus it’s super hydrating!  Normally these retail for $20 each – but you can pick up 4 for $50!!

Remember you can always put together a 3 pack of nails polish for $30, a 6 pack for $48 or a 12 pack for $98.  All of these create your shown sets come in the most adorable illustrated gift boxes too! So you don’t even need to worry about wrapping!

Hurry over to Julep and check out all the great holiday gift sets they are offering!

xoxo – T

~ Skincare Sunday: Cleanse & Polish ~

In my Birchbox from a few months ago, I received Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Starter Kit.  This unique 2 part cleansing routine will leave your skin soft and glowing.  It comes with the company’s signature cleanser and a pure muslin cloth – a combination that works great!

First you start with the cleanser on dry skin.  Rubbing it in a circular motion – it’s creamy texture will remove all face and eye makeup.  Then you get the muslin cloth wet with hot water – and use it to remove the cleanser from your face.  You’ll need to rinse and repeat with until all of the cleanser is gone!


I was surprised at how well it cleaned my skin – it felt really clean!  Normally I only get that feeling when I use an exfoliating scrub!  So this was a really nice experience. Using the muslin cloth with the hot water reminded me of the way Kari Gran recommends washing with their cleansing oil – so I loved that it was something I already did!

You can find Cleanse & Polish here and the starter kit retails for $25.50.

xoxo – T

~ Product Review: Lip Whip ~

My introduction to Kari Gran Skin was through their amazing lip product – Lip Whip!  My lips are always dry, and I need to keep them hydrated at all time.  After hearing about Lip Whip in a magazine, I definitely had to try it out!

The original Lip Whips came in either Peppermint or Cinnamon Pimenta Berry flavors.  At the time they also came in Naked (clear) or Tinted (pink).  They retail for $15.


Now – there are several other shades in the Lip Whip Family – these retail for $20 and include:

  • Currant – Shimmery Deep Plum
  • Shimmer – Shimmery Champagne
  • Radiant – Deep Pink
  • Marsala – Rich, Wine Red


For Kari Gran – it’s all about skincare for your lips!  Our lips take so much abuse – yet they are one of the most delicate parts of our bodies!  They are constantly exposed to irritants such as environmental pollutants, weather, food, drinks and harmful lip products, they have no oil or sweat glands to protect them from exposure. But lips get the short shrift when it comes to skin care. Most women think that lipstick gives ample protection, what they don’t know however, is that lipstick is not a skin care product. In fact many lipsticks are loaded with harmful ingredients such as lead, aluminum and petroleum that get absorbed right into the body—where’s the protection in that?

So Kari Gran has brought us true skincare protection for our lips!  They contain a soothing combination of organic, wildharvested and non-GMO ingredients for a sensual, glossy, moisturizing boost —not a drop of petroleum in sight.

You can now find Kari Gran products at Sephora, in addition to the Kari Gran website!  Check them out and pamper your lips all winter long!

xoxo – T

~ Currently Craving: Scarves ~

The weather is finally getting to be fall-like here in Arizona, which means it’s time for scarves!  I’ve had to bust out a few already on some chilly mornings – and I’m looking forward to adding some new ones to my rotation.

Whether plaid or a chunky knit – there is nothing better than a cozy scarf for fall.  Take a look below for some options I’ve been eyeing!  And let me know if you’ve found the perfect fall scarf yet!

xoxo – T

~ Product Review: Drybar Detox ~

Drybar’s Detox is the perfect addition to my hair routine.  Since I don’t wash my hair daily, I need something to keep it looking, feeling and smelling clean!  I’ve used many dry shampoos  – but Detox has definitely become my favorite.


The best way to think of Detox is as a blotting paper for your hair!  Just like the oil absorbing papers will keep the shine off your face – Detox will keep the greasiness out of your hair!  It has rice powders that absorb oil and odors, while also adding volume.  It’s so simple to use – just shake well and spray on roots.  You’ll want to let it sit for a bit – then rub it in!  Almost like  you are actually shampooing your hair!

It will soak up any oil that is on your scalp (and in your hair) – while also adding lift and body to your roots.  It also has the Drybar signature fragrance Marrakesh Woods (featuring notes of sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla).

Detox also comes in a Brunette shade – which does all the same things as the original, plus with a brown tint!  Perfect for masking grey hairs!

Both versions of Detox retail for $22 and can be found at Sephora, Nordstrom and all Drybar locations!

xoxo – T

~ Gift Guides: Glossier Mask Duo ~

Glossier’s masks are two of my favorite skincare products.  The Mega  Greens Galaxy Pack is perfect for detoxing your skin, while the Moisturizing Moon Mask keeps my skin hydrated here in the desert.  So I was super excited to see their Mask Duo Set!

This special edition set contains 6 single serving pods of the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and 6 pods of the Moisturizing Moon Mask – plus a fluffy Glossier embroidered headband to keep your hair off your face while you get your spa on!


These little pods are a perfect way to test out 2 of Glossier’s best products.  I also think they will be great to travel with!  Especially the Moon Mask – to re-hydrate your skin after an airplane ride! It will also make a great gift – a way to introduce a friend to how amazing Glossier is!

You can pick up this limited edition set of for $38 online.  This is one stocking stuffer I’d love to have!!

xoxo – T

~ Makeup Monday: When Pencil Met Gel ~

Julep’s When Pencil Met Gel is the best eyeliner I have ever used.  Seriously.  Finding a great eyeliner is one of life’s biggest challenges.  You want something that will smudge enough to give you the perfect smoky eye – but that can also stay all day and not disappear from your perfectly made up eye!

So when I first tested out Julep’s entry into the game – I was a bit skeptical.  However that quickly disappeared and I fell in love!

It’s a unique creamy formula in a pencil – that delivers what a gel eye liner will.  You get 10+ hours of wear (no fading – I promise) and incredible color!  The waterproof formula sets in 30 seconds – so you have a window to smudge it up if you want.


Even better – there are so many color options to choose from!  My everyday choice is Rich Brown – the perfect complement to my typical neutral eye.  But I’ve also tested out Blackest Black, Smoky Taupe Shimmer, Smoky Plum, Radiant Amethyst and Graphite Shimmer!  See below for a full list of what colors are currently available!

Blackest Black
Bronze Shimmer
Graphite Shimmer
Navy Smoke
Regal Teal
Rich Brown
Smoky Plum
Smoky Taupe Shimmer
Deep Raisin

Julep’s When Pencil Met Gel retail for $16 and you can find them online at julep.com.  Check them out and let me know your thoughts!

xoxo – T

~ Skincare Sunday: Priming Moisturizer ~

I am absolutely in love with Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer!  I have been using it for about 6 months, and it is amazing!  Don’t be turned off with the “priming” name – this moisturizer is good for day and night!

“Priming” means that it immediately brings out the best in your skin, so you have a fresh, glowing canvas for your makeup.   Immediately on application, it plumps skin up with moisture to create cushiony bounce and an even texture, which helps minimize the appearance of pores, minus any heavy blurring ingredients. The anti-redness complex soothes and evens skin tone, leaving a clean, dewy, balanced finish. This comforting cream allows you to layer and build up to the perfect amount of moisture depending on climate, season, or how your skin’s feeling on any given day.

Priming-Moisturizer_featureed image

Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer is $25 and you can find it here!  Definitely a moisturizer you need to check out!

xoxo – T

~ On My Radar: Kari Gran Skin ~

Kari Gran was one of the first companies I tested out back when I began blogging.  I had heard about their Lip Whips and ordered some to try.  They also sent me their starter kit to test out – and I fell in love with cleansing with oil!


The Kari Gran Skin System includes the following:

The Cleansing Oil contains a blend of natural ingredients formulated to deep clean while balancing the skins natural oil production. It’s meant to be used at night – and I loved how it turned washing my face into a spa-like experience.  You massage the oil onto dry skin, and then use a hot washcloth to clean away all the impurities. ($30 for 100 ml)

The Hydrating Tonic is one of my favorites – and I’ve been enjoying it years! It’s a blend of soothing ingredients containing NO alcohol!  You can choose between Rose and Lavender for the scent.  It also does a great job of setting your makeup.  I have Lavender – and I love spritzing it on my face before bed. ($35 for 100 ml)

The final step is the Essential Serum, a potent blend of 15 plant and essential oils known for their nourishing properties, plus a boost of natural Vitamin E, providing customizable levels of moisture to the skin.  I use this both morning and night – and it really leaves my skin soft! ($95 for 50 ml)

Kari Gran offers a discount when buying the Skin System – $140 for all of the above!  Purchased separately the price is $160!  They also offer the kit in travel size ($35) and the super sized Big 3 ($220).

If you’re looking for a new skincare line – definitely check out Kari Gran!  They also have mineral makeup and the amazing Lip Whips (review coming soon).

xoxo – T