~ March Ipsy Glam Bag Review ~

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Ipsy is a community of beauty addicts – where each month we receive a Glam Bag!  Inside are products to try that are curated to our reviews and the initial quiz we took upon enrolling!  For $10 each month you get a cute cosmetics bag and 5 items!  

The theme for March was Floral Fantasy and the bright blue bag captured it perfectly!    I was also pretty impressed with all 5 products I received from Ipsy.  They were the right combo of new things to try – and perfect spring colors!

Pixi by Petra

DuoThis eye shadow duo was made especially for Ipsy!  The color is Apricot Glow and it gives your eyes the perfect shimmery summer glow!  You can also use it wet or dry – depending on the look you are going for!  I first tried it with the lighter shade on the lid and the darker in the crease...

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~ Currently Craving: Pastels ~

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Currently Craving

Stepping into spring (officially) has me all about pastels!  Especially with Easter coming up!  I’m dreaming of floral dresses and skirts in pretty pinks, lavenders and blues!  Going off of my post from last weekend – I’m also really into mint green this year!  

I love pastel heels with jeans and a white t-shirt – and I think that adding pastels to the jewelry mix is fun and fresh!  See below for some items that I’m eyeing to up my pastel game!!  

And share your favorite ways to mix pastels into your wardrobe in the comments below!

xoxo – T

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~ WTF Wednesday: What Your Lipstick Color Says About You ~

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WTF Wednesday

I came across this study by Cover Girl and found it fascinating! The makeup company surveyed women about their lipstick and lifestyle habits – finding that the more often you wear lipstick, the more confident you are!  Doesn’t matter what shade you’re wearing…if you’re one of the women wearing lipstick more than four days a week you feel better about yourself!  

A few other fun facts – women who wear lipstick go on almost three times more dates as those who don’t gloss their lips!  They’re also more likely to have a one night stand!  Lipstick wearers also hit the gym about 4 times a week, while the lip balm girls only work out twice a week!  And my favorite – lipstick wearers own twice as many heels as non lipstick wearers!  

Now let’s take a look at what your signature shade says ...

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~ Benefit: They’re Real ~

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Product Review Logo

I recently picked up Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner.  It’s been out for awhile, but I just didn’t have a need for a new liquid/gel eyeliner.  I don’t do a cat eye that often, and I already had several liquid liners.  I was super intrigued by the product after seeing a commercial that showed a girl putting her eyeliner on in the back of a cab – without a mirror.  And she came out looking perfect.  Since my eyeliner skills struggle even with good light and a mirror – I had to see if I could do this!

Now I definitely did not attempt the eye makeup in the back of a car maneuver – But I was impressed with how easy the pen was to use!  The flexible tip really does hug your lashline – making it so much easier to make a straight line!


Like most of my romantic relationships this was lo...

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~ Makeup Monday: Lashes ~

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Makeup Monday Logo

I reviewed the Julep’s Length Matters Mascara awhile back (and it has become my daily mascara of choice).  However Julep did come out with another version – Go Big Volumizing Mascara.  During some Julep sale (I seriously cannot remember – it seems like they are ALWAYS having an amazing deal) – so I picked up another Length Matters and added Go Big as well.


The goal of this mascara is to give you bombshell body!  The mascara’s microcylinder brush is tapered to reach every last lash and the creamy formula volumizes, thickens, and curls without ever getting crunchy, flaky, or wearing away. However when I put it to the test I wasn’t really won over!

First off – microcylinder is right – the brush in TINY!  I’m used to the wand brush reaching almost every lash with one stroke...

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~ Skincare Sunday: Sunscreen Do’s & Dont’s ~

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Skincare Sunday

Last week we talked about sunscreen and how important it is to wear it daily!  But one of the biggest issues with sunscreen is not choosing the right one and improper application!

When choosing a sunscreen make sure the SPF is between 30 – 50.  If you rely on your makeup and/or moisturizer for your sunscreen  – just know that most fall below SPF 30!  In that case make sure to add a sunscreen to your daily skincare routine with at least SPF 30!

You also want to look for the words broad-spectrum on the label.  This indicates that it protects against both UVB and UVA rays and is a better option for preventing photodamage!

Having issues remembering which rays are which?  

  • UVA = Aging Rays
  • UVB = Burning Rays

Regardless – BOTH are bad for our skin!

After you have chosen your sunscreen...

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~ On My Radar: Green ~

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On My Radar 2

While St. Patrick’s Day was earlier in the week (and I’m not someone who normally celebrates), the color green is completely on my radar right now!  With so many shades – it’s easy to find one to match your skin tone. From palest mint green to a bright kelly green – there really is one for everyone!  

So I’ve been checking out my closet and seeing what green items I have!  While I’m all about my green army jacket, I like the idea of green shoes or handbag to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit!

See below for some options!  And share your thoughts in the comments!

xoxo – T

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~ Julep Maven Box: April Preview ~

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Today the Maven window opened and we were introduced to the Paradise Collection!  A group of fun, bright colors to really get you into the spirit of spring!  There’s also a new base coat – Oxygen Bonding Base Coat, designed to extend the life of your manicure.  The adhesive grips your nail and polish like double sided tape!  

They also introduced a few new beauty products focusing on brows!  There’s Don’t Leave Your Brows at Home, a two-in-one tool that includes brow powder and an angled precision brush that comes in 4 shades,  As well as Lock Down Your Brows, a clear setting gel that shapes, tames and defines with a natural, flexible hold.  If you go with the Modern Beauty – you’ll get both in your box...

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~ Currently Craving: Coral ~

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Currently Craving

This time every year – I find myself wanting a deep bronze tan and coral makeup!  While the actual tan is a no-no (I’ll have to settle for the sunless variety) – the coral makeup is much more doable!  I’m definitely not an orange person – but with the hint of pink added to coral – I’m all in!  It screams summer to me – fun and flirty!  Coral blush is a great way to make the transition from my typical pink makeup of the winter months to a more vibrant summer palette!

An even easier way to bring on the coral is with your nails!  I especially like it for a pedicure!  Below are some options – 

What’s your favorite way to wear coral?  Share below!

xoxo – T

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~ Review: Julep Maven Box for March ~

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Product Review Logo

Welcome to the POP! Collection from Julep!  While the nail polish colors didn’t overly excite me this month – the beauty items sure did!  I went with the Modern Beauty Box for the second month in a row – and I was so happy with my choice!

This box had the brand new beauty products – Lipstick, Lip Liner and Eye Liner!  

Let’s start with the lipstick – I love the fact that you are able to choose which shade of lipstick you wanted.  I went with Primp, which is a marsala shade, meaning it was the perfect neutral!  The product itself is super moisturizing    It gave good coverage and I felt like it lasted awhile.  I also love that the cap is magnetized…all my bobby pins that usually fall to the bottom of my cosmetic bag found their way to the lipstick. 


The lipstick is more matte...

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